Inspire Me Art Journal Contest Entry

Well, I've decided since my Mojo made a recent appearance, I better strike while the fire's hot!  So I am entering my art journal "September" page into the Inspire Me Art Journal Contest.  The prize is $50 worth of art journaling goodies!

They want to know what inspired me to do my art journal was both the Day 1 Challenge over at Fabulous and Free Art Journal Challenge's Facebook page, and this amazing book:

I have tried Zentangles, but found very frustrating, and frankly...maddening!  It was supposed to be relaxing.  Well, uhm...nope.  I just found myself getting angrier and angrier at what I was trying to create.  But...I remember, recently, that I really love to do lettering.  I've been out of practice for a very long why not try to get into it again.  Then I started watching videos on Youtube about lettering.  I happened upon one of Joanne Fink's videos on ZenDangles.  I was fascinated!  Hey, I can do that!  So I went ahead and ordered her book.  I'm so glad I did!  Here is my very first ZenDangle drawing:

I liked it once I got the initial black drawing done, but after adding the!  I love how this turned out!  And it's my very first try!

With that being done, I felt an urge inside me to keep going.  So, I decided to do the Fabulous and Free Art Journal Challenge Day 1, and incorporate the ZenDangle.  The challenge mentioned picking a favorite month.  I picked September.  I have a lot going on during this month (including my birthday).  

I decided to do the word "September" in ZenDangles.  Then put special events going on that month on the page.  At first, I wanted to do a background before doing the ZenDangle, but decided not to.  So I did the ZenDangle first THEN did a background with some Distress Inks.  Even though I don't really like see I have a phobia (glitter gets everywhere)...I added some Stickles to glam my page up.  So what do you think?

I love this!  I love the way it turned out!  I'm so happy with myself, and I want to share this!  

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